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Brave Women at Work

Sep 29, 2022

“Spending time around people who inspire you will not only affect your career, it will change your life.” 

Shannon Siriano Greenwood

My guest today, Shannon Siriano Greenwood, was inspiring throughout our conversation. It felt like Shannon was my older sister, and I was learning from her wisdom. She’s made bold choices in her personal and professional life after experiencing postpartum depression and burnout.

We have a lot in common, so it was great to talk with someone that truly gets it.

During my conversation with Shannon, we covered:

1. What hyperfunctioning, overdriving, and chasing all the gold stars means

2. What prompted Shannon to start the Rebelle community

3. How Rebelle is different than Chief, another female membership community

4. What inspires Shannon and the book she gives away to all of her friends

5. The power of friendships and close community

6. How we can burn it down, change our habits, and start paying attention to our happiness

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