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Brave Women at Work

Dec 8, 2022

I'm so excited about my guest, Cait Donovan, today! Cait speaks about burnout in an entirely different way, one that is more forgiving and filled with grace.

As you may know, I have already experienced one round of burnout. I had no idea what was happening to me, but I thought it was entirely my fault. I carried the guilt and weight of the question, “How could I let this happen?” Here's the excellent news. From my conversation with Cait, I learned that this might be a bit of our genetics, upbringing, living and work environment, and choices. And if you’ve experienced burnout before, you know how difficult it is to heal. Starting with a dose of self-compassion is a beautiful place to begin.

During my conversation with Cait, we discussed:

1. The origin of burnout and why looking at the last 3-5 years of history before a bout of burnout can share some clues

2. What burnout is and isn’t according to the medical community

3. The symptoms of burnout

4. How repeat burnout is a real thing

5. What you can do to heal from burnout proactively.


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