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Brave Women at Work

Jan 19, 2023

Does having tough or let’s call them “sticky” conversations make you uncomfortable? Yeah, me too! It makes me sweat and want to procrastinate having them because I anticipate how uncomfortable and awkward they will be.

Here’s the great news.

Jill Shroyer, my guest today and CEO of HR Expeditions, loves these tough conversations and has a system for you to learn how to master them!

Today’s show was so instructional for me, and I’m sure it will be for you too.

During my conversation with Jill, we discussed the following:

1. Examples of sticky conversations we may want to avoid

2. Jill's formula for dealing with these tough discussions

3. What to do if the conversation goes in the wrong direction

4. Some timely sticky scenarios, including asking for a raise, more flexibility, and more


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