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Brave Women at Work

Feb 2, 2023

Have you ever gone through an unplanned job loss?

With so many people going through layoffs in various industries today, today’s show with Brave Women at Work is right on time. My guest today, Sara Webb, is a go-getter and an accomplished professional in the financial services industry. Sara was brave in her willingness to share how it’s been difficult to be in the messy middle between one job and the next. She decided to pay it forward for other women (and people) going through the same situation, and I am grateful for it.

During our conversation, we chatted about:

1. Sara’s history with work and why she was so blindsided when she was let go at her recent position.

2. All the feelings that came up as she has navigated finding a new job.

3. Sara’s personal feelings about work and worth.

4. How this experience has changed what she is looking for in a job and how she plans to find a new “balance” moving forward.

5. And Sara shares her advice for any woman that is facing a similar situation.

Again, I’m so humbled that Sara was gracious enough to share her thoughts on the subject. I’m confident that you too will find value in this discussion, no matter where you are on your career journey.

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