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Brave Women at Work

Mar 2, 2023

Would you like to be more productive? AKA get more done with less stress. What if I told you that this is possible? You would probably tell me I was joking, but I’m not.

My guest today, Dr. Nicole Byers, is an expert in neuropsychology. She helps all of us recovering high achievers get off the hamster wheel of to-do lists, self-doubt, and other limiting behaviors in favor of being more productive without overworking and burning out.

I say a big “yes” to all of this!

During our conversation, Dr. Byers and I discussed the following: 

  1. A look at the burnout cycle through the lens of neuroscience.
  2. How we can be more productive by using our brains differently. 
  3. Productivity hacks so we can get more done with ease. 
  4. Her #1 productivity tip for women today. 
  5. And she shares her recent favorite book on the topic, which I read immediately following the show and loved. 


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