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Brave Women at Work

Oct 6, 2022

Today is a special day with a very special guest. My guest for today’s show is Helen King. Helen is important to me in so many ways. She is my podcast producer and helps me stay on track with Brave Women at Work, and she is a wonderful example of a brave woman. Helen was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer at age 37, even after medical professionals told her that she was too young to get diagnosed with cancer.

During her healing process, she was also diagnosed with ADHD, which made sense to her and was news many years in the making. From there, she completely rebuilt her life and work.

During my conversation with Helen, we talked about

1. What it was like to hear that she had cancer so young

2. What she did professionally before the cancer diagnosis and what led her to pursue podcast production as a career

3. What other changes she went through after she achieved remission of her cancer

4. What it was like to also be diagnosed with ADHD in her thirties

5. What motivated Helen to start her own podcast, The C Word

6. What being a podcast producer is all about and what it’s like to produce the Brave Women at Work podcast

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