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Brave Women at Work

Nov 3, 2022

Jacob Brown, a keynote speaker, marketing manager, and LinkedIn influencer, recently said: The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go. Isn’t that a beautiful reminder?

My guest today, Tara Horstmeyer, talks about how you need to let things go in specific seasons of your life, so you can fit work into your seasons and not the other way around.

Many women, myself included, believe we must work harder during tough seasons. Maybe we need to be willing to walk away and say no…or like the trees are teaching us, to let things go.

During my conversation with Tara, we talked about

1. How can you leave a company without leaving the people

2. How to build emotional boundaries at work

3. Making tough decisions to fit certain seasons of your life

4. What led Tara to develop her company, Happy Words Sell, and what the heck is ghostwriting

5. And why everyone should be creating content to participate in the online conversation


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