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Brave Women at Work

Nov 10, 2022

What do you think of when you hear the word power? Does it sound off-putting? Too masculine or dominant? Do you think women can be powerful or hold positions of power? I do, but I know that I often give my power away, whether through self-doubt, Imposter Syndrome, or my old standbys, perfectionism and people-pleasing.

I’m so excited about my guest today, Dr. Sharon Melnick, and to share this conversation with you!

During the podcast, Dr. Sharon and I discussed:

1. What being in your power means

2. What it feels like to be outside of your power

3. How you can vacillate between being in and out of your power

4. We can take steps to reclaim our power if we've lost it

4. What to do when your spouse, family or friends don’t support the new powerful version of you

5. What the difference is between being a thermometer and a thermostat

7. And so much more

This conversation blew my mind in so many ways, so I’m pumped for you to hear it!


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